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Two friends from regional New Zealand - let's call them Kiran and Kelly - spent many years travelling across the world. No matter where they went, whether it was Central America or Europe, they found that the one thing they always enjoyed just as much as the culture of a place was its wine. Upon returning home, there was only one question: how do they share these experiences with their fellow countrymen?

In the early days, the two admit they didn't really know much about vino. When offered to bring a wine to a dinner, they tended to opt for a safe bet - the tried and tested blends, labels and regions - never stepping out of their comfort zones or taking the chance to try something new.
Forming some other friends in the know and having some international wine experience under their belts, they decided to try a few new wines a month as a bit of a project. It was only at this point that an idea sparked: what if someone could deliver these new, exciting wines straight to the doorstep? Pairing up with a wine guru who really knows his stuff, the rest is history... Bottle Service was born! 


Today we are proud to support local NZ businesses as well as bring our customers the very best in wine from all corners of the globe. We aim to help people better understand what types of wines are available from different regions... helping clue them up and demystify the industry, one bottle at a time.


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