• Where do the wines come from?

We pride ourselves on offering unique and interesting wines around the world, from the valleys of Tuscany in Italy to the rolling hills of Canterbury here in NZ. Our resident wine guru banishes bland, bargain-basement booze, and selects only wines he would enjoy with his own friends, sharing both knowledge and experience with you.

  • Can I choose which wines I receive in my delivery?

Bottle Service was created to take the hassle and guesswork out of choosing wine, and also as a way to introduce our customers to new and exciting wines and producers. The way we figure it is, why complicate things by worrying about selecting the right bottles when it’s all done for you. Your box will be delivered during the first week of every month, to your chosen destination, at work, at home... even your holiday home! When you find a wine you really like, simply give it a positive review and then we'll know that we can send it to you again in a future delivery. We’re big on feedback, so give it to us straight - we want you to wine, not whine!

  • What if I don't drink red or white wine? Do I have to have both in my order?

We hope to change your mind! Bottle Service is here for you to extend your wine tasting knowledge along with your palate, and introduce you to new wines that you may not have thought to try before. We hope to be able to introduce you to a type or style of wine that's right for you - even if it’s something you thought you didn’t like. We mix our boxes with a huge number of varieties and types, so if you do come across something you don’t like, we would really like to know... send your comments to us via feedback@bottleservice.co.nz. Otherwise, most wines make for excellent cooking, you can keep it aside for visitors, or even forward it on as a gift (we won't tell if you don't)!

Having said all that, we are very serious about the quality of the products we send you. If you are dissatisfied with an order, we would really appreciate you dropping us a line on the above email.

  • Will I always receive new wines?

Each box we send you will contain new wines every month. As we want you to know more about wine, we want to keep it exciting for you to share the experience. As always though, we’re huge on feedback! All thoughts, comments, reviews are welcome… we can be found at feedback@bottleservice.co.nz.

  • What happens if a wine is 'corked' or is otherwise not up to scratch?

Luckily, most of the wines we produce in New Zealand are sealed with a screwcap so cork taint is no longer a problem. However, some of our imported wines are still sealed traditionally with a cork and a very small percentage of these wines may indeed be 'corked'. If you receive a corked wine, or you believe a wine you have received is faulty in any way, please contact the team via feedback@bottleservice.co.nz.

  • Does anything else come with my wines?

Before each delivery, we’ll email you with our well-researched tasting notes and food matching recommendations. With your first delivery comes with a welcome note from Bottle Service with tips on how to get the best out of your Bottle Service subscription. From time to time we’ll have themes and ideas on serving and enjoying your wine, so you can get the most out of each delivery.



  • Do you provide food matching recommendations for the wines?

Before each delivery we’ll email you our expert’s own tasting notes - these might include some information on the producer, a description on how the wine tastes, interesting information and, often, food matching recommendations or ways we choose to enjoy each particular drop.

  • How are Bottle Service deliveries packaged?

Your wines are sent to you in a custom-made box for the four-bottle subscription (The Dabbler)  and the six-bottle (‘The Connoisseur’). Designed to showcase the wines you get to experience, each box configuration allows for any combination of bottle sizes - meaning you can rest assured your delivery will make its way to you, safe, sound and secure.

  • What happens if I receive a delivery and one or more bottles of wine is broken?

Our boxes are designed to minimise this occurring as much as possible. For us, the most important thing is you receiving amazing wines in perfect condition! We believe we’ve chosen our packaging and our courier delivery processes very carefully... wine is sacred, after all. In the unlikely event you receive a damaged bottle in your box, please contact us at feedback@bottleservice.co.nz and we will promptly arrange a replacement.



  • Where in New Zealand do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide. Deliveries are free, even to rural addresses. Why should your location mean you miss out on incredible wine?

  • Does my delivery need to be signed for?

Unfortunately, as we're delivering alcohol, your delivery does need to be signed for by someone aged 18 or older. This is pretty important, as we take our legal obligations very seriously.

  • Can you deliver to my work?

Of course! We encourage arranging your delivery to go to your work address, if you’re there during regular business hours. It can be easier, and can also ensure that there’s someone aged 18 or older to sign for your box.

  • What happens if I'm not at home/work when my delivery arrives?

If you're not at your nominated delivery address when your wines are delivered, our courier service will leave a card. At that point, it’s your responsibility to arrange redelivery or collection of your wine. We wouldn't want to leave your wine unattended - and trust us, neither would you with how delicious they are!

  • What days do you deliver?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee delivery on a particular day. We deliver our boxes during the first week of every month - in plenty of time for you to enjoy your wines over the weekends ahead!

  • What if I want to change my delivery address?

If you want to change your delivery address, simply email us at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz and we will cheerfully update your address details. You just have to make sure you let us know by the 15th of the month prior to the change, so we can register the new details in time to get your wines to the right place. If you have any questions about your delivery details, past or upcoming orders or any practical information, flick us an email at the above address, and one of the team will be happy to help you out.



  • How do I place an order?

To place an order simply go to www.bottleservice.co.nz/collections/all and follow the steps. Then simply follow the prompts to choose the quantity and and any subscription information, and we’ll start sending you incredible wines that you’ll love. Easy!

  • How long do I have to sign on for?

There is no minimum contract period and you can cancel or put your subscription on hold any time. Just be sure to let us know at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz before the 15th of the month to change the following delivery.

  • What if I need to update my card details?

You can update your card details at any time - simply login into your account and enter your new card details via the 'Account Details' page.

  • What if I want to change my order selection- going from ‘The Dabbler’ to ‘The Connoisseur’ or vice versa?

You can change your subscription selection at any time by emailing our team at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz. You just need to make sure you do this by the 15th of each month, before your order for the following month is locked in.

  • What happens if I'm going away on holiday and don't want a delivery?

Lucky you! If you're going to be away, you can pause your subscription by emailing our customer service team at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz. You just need to make sure you do this by the 15th of the month prior to the delivery you want paused.

  • Can I cancel my order at any time?

Yes - we have no minimum contracts and you can cancel your order anytime before the 15th of each month, before it will affect the following month’s delivery. Simply email our team on cheers@bottleservice.co.nz and we will happily assist. 

  • When is the cut-off date?

The cutoff date for delivery changes is the 15th of each month, so we can work our magic and have enough time to arrange delivery of incredible wines to you. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email us at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz.

  • I just want to try Bottle Service out and don't want to commit to an ongoing subscription just yet. Can I get a one-off delivery?

Absolutely! As Bottle Service is a subscription-based service, you can pause your deliveries at any time. This means that you can easily make your first delivery a one-off. Simply wait until your first delivery arrives and then email us at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz to request your account to be paused or cancelled, but remember, you do need to do this before the cut-off date of the 15th of the month. Of course, we expect that you’ll love your wine, so if you want to reinstate your deliveries, simply email us again and we can arrange that without you having to re-register.

  • How do you take payment for Bottle Service?

Payment is made by credit or debit card using secure DPS (Direct Payment Solutions). Your card details are turned into a 'token' which DPS recognises and which allows us to take the approved payments for delivery. We do not store your card details anywhere on our site. Payment for your Bottle Service experience is deducted from your nominated card on the 17th of each month.

  • My payment didn't go through, what do I do?

If your regular payment has not gone through, one of our team will contact you to arrange a manual payment over the phone.

  • Can I gift Bottle Service to another person?

Definitely - and what an amazing friend you are! You can choose to share the love and experience with someone else - we are happy to organise 6- and 12-month subscriptions, and you can pay as a one-off payment. Send us an email at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz and we’ll lock it in for the lucky, lucky recipient.

  • Can I order more often than once a month or more than six bottles at a time?

Unfortunately not, at this stage. Our system is not set up to offer more frequent deliveries or larger case sizes but it is something we will monitor closely, with the potential to include bigger box options in the future. If it’s something you’d love to have as an option, let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this at feedback@bottleservice.co.nz.



  • How can I contact the Bottle Service team?

You can get in touch with us via email at cheers@bottleservice.co.nz, or hit us up with your thoughts and comments on feedback@bottleservice.co.nz.

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